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2019’s most advanced tech used in event planning! 23 Jan 2019

Technology has made the world such a small place; what was once the impossible, is now possible with the use of advanced technology now available so freely and is widely accessible to the many.

Advanced technologies are providing event planners with solutions for saving time, reducing costs and increasing efficiency with ease. Many event tools have been around for quite some time, but with constant updates and the ability to integrate with new platforms the event industry has benefitted hugely from technology to not only please today’s customer demands, but their clients too.  

Event planners can now view venues across the world without having to step on a plane or even leave their workplace, they can literally be in two places at once. Technology has re-shaped the event industry; in this blog we discuss the most advanced tech used in event planning in 2019!

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has impacted the construction industry, as well as architecture, the healthcare industry and many more. One of the latest industries to benefit from VR is event planning, knowing what your event is going to look like is crucial and VR makes it so simple.

To understand the venue, a site visit is required, but time, money and distance can be problematic. VR makes venues more accessible than ever before, allowing anyone in the world to view a venue anywhere across the globe, meaning more venues can be viewed saving a lot of time and budget.

VR can also be great for tradeshows, demonstrating products that are too difficult to transport, or are too expensive.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence opens a wide range of opportunities for the event industry. From automated customer service, which aims to save employees time, to face recognition for attendees, enabling AI to be able to authenticate attendees single-handedly. Another tool that will improve efficiency and time are chatbots, they are a great tool to provide information to your attendees and answer their questions and queries, improving customer service and efficiency without disturbing staff.

Multi-Use Apps

Mobile event apps have been around for a long time, but with technology advancing, mobile apps can now do so much more. Creating a mobile app for your event, ensures attendees can access information on the go, at a click of a button.

Your own event mobile app can provide an array of information; the options are endless. Mobile apps can now integrate with AR and AI technology which will improve event communication, as well as make your event more memorable!

Event Diagramming

Event diagramming has become very popular; it is now even easier to envision your event in the venue. Event diagramming allows users to develop a mock-up of an event and turn it into a 3D diagram, all parties involved have access, improving communication and enables a more collaborative approach. Event planners receive dozens of special requests on the daily, and with the use of event diagramming they can easily arrange any special requirement and scenarios can be planned for if they were to happen. It’s extremely thorough, leaving nothing to chance.

Trusting a machine, rather than a human can be daunting. But, if you’re ready to take the plunge, the above technologies are a great place to start to improve service, efficiency and save time.

But even as technology advances, interaction with another human is what gives your event the personal touch. Hospitality Guaranteed appoints an event manager to provide the best possible product and service. HG One Stop is an online service designed to save time, money and confidence managing all aspects of your event, accommodation, conference and apprentice programme bookings in one easy to use system, it combines the latest online technology with a knowledgeable and experienced team.

James Daley


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HG Recieve accreditation for ISO 27001 18 Dec 2018

We have recently received ISO 27001 accreditation, the internationally recognised standard for a best-practice information security management system (ISMS).

What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 provides a framework for organisations to comply to which helps protect client and employee information, manage risks effectively as well as achieve GDPR compliance.

What does this mean?

The standard helps companies keep information assets safe and secure, helping manage the security of:

  • Intellectual Property
  • Employee details
  • Financial information
  • Third party information

 Why did we carry out the accreditation?

We know the importance of keeping our clients’ data safe and being accredited adds an extra layer of security to manage and protect the security of our clients’ data correctly. We are constantly updating our processes to ensure we are providing the best possible service and improving our systems.

By achieving ISO 27001 it instils confidence in how we manage risks, improving our clients’ satisfaction with our processes as well as manage and minimise risk exposure.

We are regularly told by our clients that the system based process combined with our personal account handling service offers an efficient, cost saving solution. They benefit from the accessibility and accuracy of the data and now, the ISO accreditation gives them the reassurances that the information is safe and secure,” adds director, Victoria Brunton.

Amanda Jackson, director continued: “Complying with the highest possible security standard worldwide is not only a great accomplishment for Hospitality Guaranteed, but it reassures our clients that we take their data safety very seriously.”

Victoria Brunton


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We Met Daisy Bear! 31 Jan 2018

Last year we announced our chosen charity of the year as Daisy Chain and it has been uplifting to support families affected by Autism. We set ourselves a target to raise at least £1000.00 by participating in numerous challenges including: The Great North Run, Cleveland Four Peaks and the Daisy Chain Boat Race. Through sweat and pure determination, we raised an amazing £3400.00.

Hospitality Guaranteed and the team at Daisy Chain (including Daisy Bear, the Daisy Chain Mascot) would like to say, ‘Thank You’ to all our supporters who donated and helped us to achieve this.

For 2018, we have chosen PAPYRUS which is a charity for the prevention of young suicide. To kick off the fundraising this year, we are going to place a team in ‘Gung Ho’ on 31st March., at Wynyard Hall. The Just Giving Page will be available shortly and we would love to have your support again.

Emma Hall

Give the New Year a kick start! 30 Nov 2017

We know how the year can run away with you. All of a sudden it’s November, your diary is getting more and more full, the Christmas party has been put back (again) and with all these updates, you have no idea when you can brief your team.

 So, instead of exhausting yourself to fit everything in and missing the festive season, why not kickstart the year as you mean to go on?

 Begin with a party

Sometimes, getting everyone together for a December bash can be nigh-on impossible. With family, friends and hobby commitments, it can be difficult to get the team together in one place without it being a Wednesday at 3pm.

By moving your Christmas party to January, you’re starting the year on a high – keeping the festive spirit alive and maintaining that good mood on what could otherwise be a dreary and depressing season.

We just hope no-one is doing Dry January…

Set your goals

The New Year is a perfect time to set goals both personally and professionally, so involve your firm!

Holding a conference at the beginning of the year gives the whole team the opportunity to find out plans for the following 12 months, the progress of the Company and the challenges ahead.

Kickstart the year with everyone on the same page, with the same goals.

Build on what you have

It’s easy to wait for Summer to hold your teambuilding day. But what about the ongoing conveyor belt of annual leave that begins in June and ends in September?

Get your team motivated and start the year reconnecting, identifying your weaknesses and building into a stronger unit.

Although maybe not advisable to go white water rafting or sailing in January, there are plenty of activities you can do together to get the team on track, set those targets and start smashing them!

Consider cost efficiency

As with most areas, budgets for the above are regularly reduced but this doesn’t make them any less vital.

Rearranging the diary to feature your ‘Christmas’ party, annual conference or team building day in January can often mean reductions with venues and suppliers during this generally quiet period.

To start planning your January event, get in touch today on 0344 822 3227 and we can help find a venue, source suppliers and kick start your year in style.

Already planned your event but need help managing your delegates? Try EventStop to keep track of guests, payments and requirements. Visit

Emma Hall


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Owning your events 20 Nov 2017

We always love to hear about the events being put on by venues, not just Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties but tribute nights, murder mystery evenings and everything in between! 

What we do not like to hear about is the hassle you go through to manage your guests. It’s hard enough trying to spread the word, sell the tickets and explain the evening without having to add calls from partygoers, taking payment over the phone and chasing final details to your to-do list.

With EventStop, you can kiss that world goodbye.

It’s all in the design

Spent ages getting the right design? Don’t lose it in your booking paperwork (actually, lose your booking paperwork, but we’ll get to that).

With EventStop, you can create a personalised web page and email invitations that fit with your colour scheme and can even include your logo.

The page can have as much or as little information as you like, and even includes a map of the venue location – so no excuses for those pesky last minute “How do I find the venue?” calls!

Track, track, track

Want to know how many people are booked onto an event? Need to work out where you are with ticket revenue? Can’t remember how many vegetarians there are so far?

With just one click, all of that information – and more – is ready for you, saving hours of updating spreadsheets with guests’ details.

As all the information is in one place and accessed via login, the days of locking and ‘read only’ spreadsheets are gone.

Sweeten up the chef

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that to create a successful event, the chef must be kept happy.

As all guests are required to enter their menu selections and dietary requirements at the time of booking – and are unable to progress until they have – when you download your reports, it’s all there and ready for you to pass on, confident that this has come directly from the guests themselves.

Keep it clean

Remember that pesky booking paperwork we mentioned? Those days are over my friend!

When accessing your event page, guests have all the information they need.

The menu, timings and dress code are all there for their information. And when they book, they select their required number of tickets or tables, their menu and can even add on accommodation.

No more trying to decipher handwriting or negotiate huge piles of bulky files on your desk!

There’s a lot involved with staging a fabulous event at your venue – don’t let admin put you off!

 For more information on how EventStop can help you manage your in-house events, contact Emma on 0344 822 3227 or

Emma Hall