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How to host a well organised Virtual Event and how we may have the solution for you.08 Apr 2020

Whatever your industry and whoever your client base, the last few weeks will have been challenging time for your business. Many industries have needed to readjust the way they operate, from home working or the impact of furloughing staff and operating with a reduced work force load to social distancing and the government ban on travel. You will no doubt have been impacted in some way.  

The question of how to keep engagement with your clients and manage the day to day running of your business continues to be a key concern for most businesses.  Platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom have been instrumental in providing a quick and easy solution to enable the majority of businesses to continue working with clients, workforce, suppliers etc as efficiently as possible.  But how can you ensure the content of your virtual interaction is reaching the right audience?

Over the past few weeks, we have been working closely with a number of existing clients, charities and organisations to assist them in moving from face to face training and event management to a virtual solution using the EventStop system. This system allows you to plan and organise events, set up free or paid events, issue tickets, take payment and assist with the administration of a virtual event.

Positive Points to Live Events

Many businesses have already seen the positive impact holding online events can bring, including:

  • Easy to schedule
  • Great way to stay in touch with clients and workforce
  • Opens events to a wider audience
  • No limit to type of event that can be conducted virtually – for example webinars, health and wellbeing classes, meetings, training to name just a few.
  • Can have significant cost savings (travel, venue sourcing)

Plan & Prepare

It is important to plan your event properly, the content of virtual events should mirror the same quality of content as physical meetings or events. Consider the following

Schedule your event – allow sufficient time for the intended audience.

How you will advertise and promote the event.

Consider what kind of event you are running – is it a free or chargeable event?

  • Will there be a limit on the number of attendees?
  • Will the event be run as a one off or repeated?
  • Will you issue tickets

How you will organise data

  • How will you keep track of those attending.
  •  Are there any follow up actions to consider i.e. information to be sent to attendees, meeting notes etc.

Important questions to ask

  • How will your event work?
  • Will it be pre-recorded or live?
  • Is audience participation required? Will your audience interact with you? – will you need to consider sound quality?
  • Is your internet connection strong enough to deal with hosting a live event – factors such as time of day and number of participants can have an impact on your broadband strength.   


If you are working from home, where will you host the event?

For example, will you and your audience need space to move?

Pay or Not to Pay

Will your event be free or chargeable?

How will you take and manage payments?

Do you have a payment provider setup?

Will it be a ticketed event?

In Summary

Putting on a virtual event can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Using the EventStop system allows you to set up a paid or free event and connect it to your chosen online platform.  It can issue tickets and assist you in the administration of your online event whether it is live or pre-recorded. 

EventStop can help event organisers to plan, promote and organise their events in a professional manner in just a few easy steps.

Call us on 0344 822 3227 or visit for further details.

Louise White