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VOTE for Best Intermediary Agency (fewer than 40 employees)20 Oct 2014

Wouldn’t you love to win a trip to Abu Dhabi? This year we are hoping to be nominated for the Best Intermediary Agency (fewer than 40 employees). To do this we need your votes, which will also get yourself entered into a prize draw for that trip to Abu Dhabi, offered by M&It! This is why and how…

It has never been more apparent that the modern day business traveller or conference booker lives a dynamic lifestyle. Having more choices of venues and more accessibility to systems is something that we all once strived towards. Now, it is more of a burden with the complexity of tracking travel arrangements and expenses, becoming time consuming and stressful with multiple systems tracking and storing many different things. The new world demands a more robust innovative end-to-end online system with a single integrate platform solution. The days of sifting through receipts are long gone.

The main advantages, to the traveller or booker, of an integrated system are: the ease of use, single data entry and the efficiency and simplicity of using only one system- saving both a substantial amount of valuable time and money.

To the organisation, benefits include more accurate tracking and reporting, a detailed audit trail, and tracking against a company travel policy.

A solution which balances the traveller’s needs with a corporate organisation’s, is an integrated platform from searching to booking through to reporting.

HG One Stop is your integrated online platform you've been looking for, and is bespoke to Hospitality Guaranteed. The system alongside the service of the HG Team is the backbone to Hospitality Guaranteed. Whether you are booking an annual conference, small board meeting, yearly event or accommodation, the system can search, book and report.

We pride ourselves on our FIVE star customer service rated by no other but you- our customers It would be an honour if we were nominated as Best Intermediary Agency (fewer than 40 employees) at the M&It Industry Awards 2015. M&It will also enter you into a prize trip for two to Abu Dhabi including flights as an incentive to vote!

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