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We're Turning Eight!04 Jun 2014

It’s our birthday! Well not yet, but it is on Friday 6th June and we have started making plans to celebrate. It is time to reminisce and look back over the eight years through the laughs, tears and most importantly the successes. So where did Hospitality Guaranteed first begin? I’m sure most of you reading this will already know our directors Amanda and Victoria and will have met them at one point in the Hospitality industry. Imagine Amanda, Victoria and Amanda’s dog Charlie starting the foundations of Hospitality Guaranteed in the comfort of Amanda’s front living room, with spreadsheets coming out their ears, masses amounts of emails and the phone constantly off the hook. This was eight years ago on the 6th June 2006. Today, we have a proud team of 14 employees and we have recently moved into larger offices at Wynyard Business Park.

With the launch of HG Onestop, Hospitality Guaranteed now uses a bespoke online system to manage and support conference enquiries, storing and archiving data as well as being accessible with a touch of a button, 24/7. HG is currently working on launching Accommodation Stop and Apprentice Stop with the same functions after the success of Conference Stop. Just recently we were also shortlisted for the North East Business Awards, being in the top 3 to receive an Internet and ICT award based on the launch of HG Onestop. Hosting a large event in 2015 has also allowed us to adapt the system to create an Events platform which will be going live very shortly. To celebrate our birthday and achievements we are offering you an opportunity to enter our exclusive birthday competition. To tease you with a taste of the prize, read what we thought of the NEW Mottram Hall...

Has it ever been one of those weeks where the weekend seems to never arrive and all you want is a massage, time to yourself and time to relax? A standard spa treatment, rub of the shoulders, back and arms just isn’t going to cut it. In the age of advancing technology you not only want, but deserve high-tech relaxation systems, biometric sensing and hydropools. Where to find this unique experience? Mottram Hall brings to you the Alfresco Thermospace.

Each shot of steam releases an invigorating alpine fragrance in The Brechelbath Experience, whilst the copper ceiling pushes the steam down the side of the walls creating a warm, mild and humid heat.

Creating a sense of wellbeing, the Mineral Stonebath gently increases in humidity and room temperature by lifting and lowering a basket of stones. Or if you want to feel nearly weightless by floating in a heated body of water but completely dry at the same time, then the Soft-Pack Sensory Treatment is for you. With the UK’s first mobile steam bath designed to promote wellbeing and relaxation, you can enjoy a range of muscle and skin treatments.

I’m sure you now want to WIN a night stay at Mottram Hall with inclusive use of the UK’s 1st Alfresco ThermoSpace! Start entering on our competition page to win...

Emma Hall