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Introducing The House of Daniel Thwaites

For years Thwaites has been one of the best kept secrets in hospitality, hiding its light under a bushel.

It has made a name for itself as an award-winning family brewer with a large collection of pubs, yet in recent years the company has also been quietly developing an award-winning family of high quality hotels, spas and inns.

From 4-star hotels complete with spas and conference centres to historic buildings that have been painstakingly restored, they all offer the warmest of welcomes to people wanting to eat, drink or stay somewhere that is full of character.

And now they are coming together under a new collective: The House of Daniel Thwaites.

“We are not a boring, bland, cookie-cutter group giving a very mediocre experience – there are enough of them about in the world,” said Chief Executive Rick Bailey. “Every one of our hotels and inns is fabulous in its own right - from cooking over an open fire in North Lakes or a hotel on the banks of Windermere with its own magnificent boathouse through to multi-million pound restorations of buildings left in disrepair to transform them into luxury accommodation, bars and restaurants.

“We are bold in our design, friendly in our service and every one of our hotels and inns is unique in its style – people are often amazed at the challenge we take on when we develop our properties but we enjoy creating characterful places for people to visit through careful attention to the fine detail. There isn’t another property in Beverley like the Beverley Arms and no other restaurant in the Lake District like FYR. We’ve even designed dog-friendly rooms.

“We want to stop being a well-kept secret and shout loud about our fabulous British business - a great place to work and also a great place for our customers to visit.
“When we looked at what links it all together, it’s not the look of a building or a room, nor is it a menu or a product, although those are all important.
“The House of Daniel Thwaites is not another dull collection, it’s not even a brand – it’s a mindset, created through the eyes of the people working in our kitchens, bars, spas and housekeeping of our properties. It’s what differentiates us and putting it all together under The House of Daniel Thwaites is the clearest way for us to help our customers understand us.
“It stands for quality, rich experiences and feeling comfortable and at home wherever you find us.”

Even when developing The House of Daniel Thwaites the company didn’t choose an easy option - they enlisted the help of its staff to harness their thinking. Hundreds of team members across the country were involved in the process, developing the new proposition and bringing it to life.

Each property’s unique stories have been pulled together, together with their character and the guest experience that helps each stand out. As a result, despite working in completely different properties up and down the country, the culture and personality of The House of Daniel Thwaites remains shines through – a place where guests feel relaxed and get a little bit of themselves back.

Rick Bailey added: “I can’t remember another time in the company’s 211-year history when we have made such a bold and positive statement about our belief in our future.

“We’re all really excited about it – an organisation powered by our people, with ownership of their own properties, delivering superb hospitality in outstanding properties in great locations. We want to inspire like-minded people to know that whenever they are in one of our properties they can trust us to help them feel comfortable and at home.”

To coincide with this launch, the company has launched new websites that reflect the quality, character and unique features of each property within The House of Daniel Thwaites.

It is also midway through a £75m investment programme focussed on accentuating the individuality of every property but also growing the number of properties that are part of the collective.

Rick concluded: “This has been an exciting and emotional journey – but generation after generation of the Thwaites family has been at the forefront of evolving our business through the past 211 years. This is the next bold, new chapter in our history.
“We have great confidence in our abilities and look forward to welcoming like-minded travellers who are looking to feel comfortable and at home the length and breadth of Britain.”

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