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Could you make it easier for your guests to book onto your events?

So, you are organising an event, you post it on your website and you share it via social media. You may even do some sponsored ads or boost your posts to gain exposure. Great.

Potential guests, who may be looking outside of office hours, see the event and click through to your website to find they have two options to book. Either, call (the bookings team are available Monday to Friday 9-5) or email. Guests will either park this until the next day or send an email with minimal information; they aren’t likely to send credit card details to an enquiries@ or info@ email address without any discussion.

Let’s say they don’t abort the process at this stage and do in fact leave a message or send an email, when the organiser arrives into work, they have to contact those people and wait for their response. They may not access this until the evening and there is a delay in the booking process.

There is an alternative!

EventStop is a digitally supported platform for conferences and events; an all-encompassing system which creates a simpler, more informed booking process. There is even a widget feature which allows organisers to integrate the system into their own website, eliminating the problems above.


1.      Guests can search events from within the organiser’s website

2.      Attendees can complete the booking process in their own time

3.      A secure, encrypted payment gateway gives peace of mind

4.      Automated confirmation and receipts allow for a speedy process

5.      All event information is stored in a dashboard format

6.      Event reporting allows the booker to access information 24/7

7.      ISO9001 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO27001 (Information Security Management) certified  

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