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Do you hold walking meetings?

‘Beyond the Boardroom’

WHISPER hotels are thinking outside the boardroom by taking office meetings into the open-air.
The company have developed a new method for group conferences by introducing Walking Meetings, a different and innovative way of working outside the office. The concept seems particularly useful for those in the process of making decisions or exploring possible solutions to an issue, whilst a change of scenery would present the opportunity for a shift in focus and allow a fresh perspective on a potential idea or question.

‘Locations that inspire’

The hotel group are renowned for their coastal and countryside destinations and boast properties in Llandudno, Pembrokeshire, West Yorkshire and Cumbria. On the concept, WHISPER state that “working as a breakout session, or meeting before or after lunch, the WHISPER collection of hotels have some of the best spots to explore a walking meeting. Stroll up and down the famous Llandudno promenade, search our Hadrian's wall or spot the colourful houses in Tenby” and with a collection of hotels based in some of the UK’s most beautiful destinations, it’s not hard to see why this concept has been introduced and how well it could benefit potential clients.

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