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Providing a One Stop Shop for your Corporate Events, Conference and Accommodation needs. By combining our dedicated teams experience with the latest technology we guarantee to save your company valuable time and money.

At Hospitality Guaranteed we pride ourselves in offering our customers intuitive and innovative solutions for Accommodation, Conference and Event management to support and drive cost savings and increase efficiency. We are unique in our approach as we offer customised bespoke online services and solutions for your needs as opposed to a one solution fits all. We understand our customers needs differ and we work with you to support you with the right level of service and solution.

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Latest Blog Post

  • HG Recieve accreditation for ISO 27001

    We have recently received ISO 27001 accreditation, the internationally recognised standard for a best-practice information security management system (ISMS).

    What is ISO 27001?

    ISO 27001 provides a framework for organisations to comply to which helps protect client and employee information, manage risks effectively as well as achieve GDPR compliance.

    What does this mean?

    The standard helps companies keep information assets safe and secure, helping manage the security of:

    • Intellectual Property
    • Employee details
    • Financial information
    • Third party information

     Why did we carry out the accreditation?

    We know the importance of keeping our clients’ data safe and being accredited adds an extra layer of security to manage and protect the security of our clients’ data correctly. We are constantly updating our processes to ensure we are providing the best possible service and improving our systems.

    By achieving ISO 27001 it instils confidence in how we manage risks, improving our clients’ satisfaction with our processes as well as manage and minimise risk exposure.

    We are regularly told by our clients that the system based process combined with our personal account handling service offers an efficient, cost saving solution. They benefit from the accessibility and accuracy of the data and now, the ISO accreditation gives them the reassurances that the information is safe and secure,” adds director, Victoria Brunton.

    Amanda Jackson, director continued: “Complying with the highest possible security standard worldwide is not only a great accomplishment for Hospitality Guaranteed, but it reassures our clients that we take their data safety very seriously.”

    Victoria Brunton