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    Five reasons to start planning your Christmas party NOW

    Five reasons to start planning your Christmas party NOW

    Yes, it’s Summer.

    Yes, we know you’re thinking more about beaches than Christmas markets.

    But with so much going on between now and then, Christmas will come around in a flash. Still not convinced? Then here are five reasons why you should start planning your Christmas party now. 

    1. Get the first choice of venues and dates
    If you have your heart set on a specific venue or date, you’d better be quick! It won’t take long before the best, most quirky or accessible venues and key dates are snapped up. Not sure where to host your party? Or need somewhere with plenty of bedrooms? We can help with that. 

    2. Price
    By booking far in advance, you have the opportunity to negotiate on price and package. While this might not always mean a reduced rate, it could mean some added value, such as a free overnight stay for the organiser, a drinks reception or additional menu choice.

    3. Greater flexibility with other suppliers
    Photobooths, caricature artists, venue dressers and other suppliers are keen to fill their diaries as quickly as possible. With so many extras to add to your event, when you have your date and venue organised, you can let your imagination run wild to make your event even more unique with a wide choice of suppliers.

    4. Give plenty of notice for decision making and payment
    We understand it’s not always easy for everyone to agree and there are often a significant number of people involved in this decision. Starting now gives you the opportunity to provisionally hold venues while the decision is being made. If you leave it any longer, you might find you don’t have many choices to make a decision from! 

    Remember Christmas is an expensive time of year for everyone and factoring in a Christmas party can often be a luxury guests can’t afford as the festive season approaches.

    The earlier your party is arranged, the more time guests have to plan their payments or even pay early.

    5. Allow time for new recruits
    It’s all very well and good arranging a party for your current workforce but the chances are, people will come and go before the party arrives.

    Venues don’t mind adding or removing guests, within reason, up to a set period before the event, so book now to give you flexibility, rather than people missing out if the only venue you can book last minute holds half the number you need. 

    If you’re starting to plan your Christmas party but worried about sending multiple invitations, managing menu choices, accommodation and responses – never mind chasing everyone who has seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth – don’t worry.

    EventStop gives you the opportunity to create a dedicated webpage branded to your Company, custom invitations, online delegate registration and payment. By managing everything for you, you can then focus on your daily role and making the event look fantastic. 

    For more information, call our team on 03448 223227 or visit www.eventstop.co.uk

    Victoria Brunton