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    Let's make life simple

    In this modern world, we’re all guilty of making life that little bit more complicated than it needs to be. But we’ve got ask ourselves, ‘why?’

    As a charity, sports club, organisation or association, you may often find yourself suddenly organising an event; perhaps the Summer party, tournament abroad or just the bi-monthly knees up. Sounds easy enough right? Well, that is until you have to do it three times a year, for lots of people and factor in accommodation, travel and food! Suddenly it doesn’t sound so simple.

    That’s where we come in.

    EventStop is a handy tool that can save you time and money as well as helping you to stay in control.
    Let us tell you how…

    Personalised webpage and email invitations
    Unlike other event registration tools, EventStop allows you to create your own personalised webpage and email invitations, maintaining your brand and identity.
    By following a simple step by step process, you can add your own logos, images and content, making your page look like an extension of your own site. 

    Online registration
    You can ask for all the information you could possibly need, all in one, easy to use place.
    When registration has closed, simply export the details and you have your guest list right there.

    Online payments
    There’s nothing worse than constantly chasing guests for payment. Following up the “I’ll pay next week” and “My dad/son/friend is going to pay you next week” excuses.
    By using the flexible payment options available on EventStop, not only do you save valuable time, your guests can pay by credit or debit card, as soon as they book. No excuses.

    Keeping an eye
    Need to make sure you’ve not gone over capacity? Want to check payments are being made? The event dashboard gives you an overview of your function at the touch of a button, helping you plan any further promotion – or to get in touch with the venue to increase your tables!

    With these and many more advanced features, such as:

    •    Accommodation options
    •    Badging, scanning and tracking
    •    Event management

    EventStop is the perfect tool to support your charity or organisation’s event planning, helping you to concentrate on what’s really important – raising funds and doing what you do!

    Victoria Brunton