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Benefits of HG One Stop

Along with our passionate, dedicated and experienced team, HG One Stop is the backbone of all Hospitality Guaranteed services. We offer flexible packages depending on your budget and business requirements, with 4 stops which can be used individually or in conjunction with each other...

Simply find and book your perfect venue while saving time and money. Conference Stop is a unique conference management solution that combines our team of experts with the latest conference management technology. Find out more about Conference Stop

Use Event Stop to source the perfect venue and setup a web page for your event where delegates can book and access information. Event organisers can manage the event, venue, logistics, spend and revenue - all in one place! Find out more about Event Stop

Imagine how much time and money you could save by comparing 80,000 hotels worldwide in one simple booking portal, combining laterooms and all major hotel brands alongside smaller boutique and independent hotels. Find out more about Accommodation Stop

Apprentice Stop is invaluable for businesses running apprentice or staff residential programmes. Use clever technology to track bookings and delegate information with full reporting and audit trails to support OFSTED requirements. Find out more about Apprentice Stop