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Sustainable Events at Woodland Grange

The team at Woodland Grange have a continuous focus on sustainability and have worked hard to achieve their 'Green Accredited Venue' award and achieve this by continuously looking at ways to create a sustainable environment for their guests and delegates.

Greener events are a high priority and the venue can offer

🟢 Outdoor team building events
With 16 acres of outdoor space to utilise during your time at Woodland Grange, delegates will be engaged and ready to collaborate. We can create fun, engaging and greener events that your team will love in partnership with our team building suppliers.

🟢 Hybrid Technology
This is now becoming best practice and words that comes up more and more in conversations with our clients are ‘live’ and ‘virtual’. Working in tandem, these types of events allow clients to extend their reach, in a largely cost-effective way. A great way to keep everyone involved in a safe environment.

🟢 Sustainability Champions
Woodland Grange has introduced a sustainability champion across its venue with the aim of integrating the business's sustainability objectives. We understand that every client is on a different journey throughout this process and as a sales team, we invest our time to discuss with clients their sustainability approach and how this can be adapted to their goals within the event planning process.

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