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Owning your events20 Nov 2017

We always love to hear about the events being put on by venues, not just Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties but tribute nights, murder mystery evenings and everything in between! 

What we do not like to hear about is the hassle you go through to manage your guests. It’s hard enough trying to spread the word, sell the tickets and explain the evening without having to add calls from partygoers, taking payment over the phone and chasing final details to your to-do list.

With EventStop, you can kiss that world goodbye.

It’s all in the design

Spent ages getting the right design? Don’t lose it in your booking paperwork (actually, lose your booking paperwork, but we’ll get to that).

With EventStop, you can create a personalised web page and email invitations that fit with your colour scheme and can even include your logo.

The page can have as much or as little information as you like, and even includes a map of the venue location – so no excuses for those pesky last minute “How do I find the venue?” calls!

Track, track, track

Want to know how many people are booked onto an event? Need to work out where you are with ticket revenue? Can’t remember how many vegetarians there are so far?

With just one click, all of that information – and more – is ready for you, saving hours of updating spreadsheets with guests’ details.

As all the information is in one place and accessed via login, the days of locking and ‘read only’ spreadsheets are gone.

Sweeten up the chef

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that to create a successful event, the chef must be kept happy.

As all guests are required to enter their menu selections and dietary requirements at the time of booking – and are unable to progress until they have – when you download your reports, it’s all there and ready for you to pass on, confident that this has come directly from the guests themselves.

Keep it clean

Remember that pesky booking paperwork we mentioned? Those days are over my friend!

When accessing your event page, guests have all the information they need.

The menu, timings and dress code are all there for their information. And when they book, they select their required number of tickets or tables, their menu and can even add on accommodation.

No more trying to decipher handwriting or negotiate huge piles of bulky files on your desk!

There’s a lot involved with staging a fabulous event at your venue – don’t let admin put you off!

 For more information on how EventStop can help you manage your in-house events, contact Emma on 0344 822 3227 or

Emma Hall