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And the award goes to…31 Oct 2017

Who doesn’t relish an opportunity to get dressed up in an evening gown or black tie, to sip chilled champagne while listening to soft music, before being led into a dining room with hundreds of other guests to enjoy an evening of entertainment? 

If you are the organiser, then most likely you don’t. 

Organising a dinner or awards ceremony, no matter how rewarding the end result, is hard work. And for most, it’s hard work that has to be done in spare time or alongside full-time responsibilities.

Between choosing a venue, chasing menu choices and organising accommodation, by the time the evening comes around, you’d rather curl up in the corner.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, with EventStop you can take some of the pressure off, sit back, and look forward to the night. Here’s how…

You can invite everyone at the touch of a button

Now, paper invitations are lovely, but how often do you find yourself following up with an email or a call to chase up something you put hours into designing but the recipient threw on the pile of post in the hall?

By uploading your guest list, your custom email invitations can be sent to everyone at the touch of a button, but still be personalised to your event style, brand and message. No fighting with mail merge, no calling to make sure it arrived. 

Public event without a guest list? No problem! Use the link provided from EventStop to promote the event on social media, in newsletters or on marketing materials to direct all guests to your personalised event page.

Tracking is easy

Constantly updating a spreadsheet after every email, call or sometimes hand written response is arduous at best. Using EventStop means you can see who is attending, who has declined and who has cancelled. Not only that, you can see the payment status of those attending and their full details, all in one place.

With an easy way to track ticket sales and revenue, you are able to further promote the event if needed, or cut back before you become over-subscribed.

Offer the best seats in the house

If your dinner includes a VIP drinks reception, premium seats or any other special experience, promote them! EventStop gives you the opportunity to list as may ticket options and prices as you like to maximise opportunities at your dinner or award ceremony, so make sure this is used.

Make your venue’s life easier

An event organiser’s life can be ten times worse without the support of a great venue, so make sure you ease their burden while also keeping your admin time minimal.

‘How?’ I hear you ask? Simple; include the menu options in your ticket selection. By not being able to progress with purchase until the options are selected, this removes the need for you to spend hours making endless phone calls to get them, as well as alleviating the chance for guests to upset the chef with last minute indecision.

These are just a few of the ways EventStop can help ease the burden of planning your dinner or awards evening, giving you more opportunity to think of the decorations and entertainment.

The only thing we can’t help with is the table plan; that’s up to you.

For more information on EventStop and how to use it for your next event, please contact Emma on 0344 822 3227 or

Emma Hall