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Build your team the right way18 Oct 2017

What do you think when we say; ‘Away Day’?

Let us guess; raft building, a stuffy meal and maybe even a trust exercise that leaves you feeling less than trusting of your colleagues.

Now, we understand that this is the reputation they have gained over the years, but things have moved on! There’s no reason why your residential conference and team building should be anything other than a great opportunity to bond with your team (with a presentation or two thrown in).

Need some inspiration? Well, we’ve thought about it and here’s what we think will make your next away day one to top!

Put your Google maps skills to good use

We use it every day to get to meetings, find a friend’s house or just to see how long it’ll take you to get home – so why not step up your digital navigation skills with a spot of Geotagging (that’s digital orienteering to you and I.)

Giving you the opportunity to explore the location you find yourself in, you’ll solve clues and answer problems to gain points – and what do points mean? Prizes! Some systems even provide a real-time score board, so you can see how rival teams are doing and where you need to step it up!

Sports day, but not as you know it

We all know the drill; a five-a-side tournament, some canoeing and maybe some rock climbing thrown in for good measure.

While it is important to get everyone out of their seats and blood flowing, reverting back to the days of school trips might not be the best way to go about it.

We love the idea of Office Olympics. A great way to mix things up, this activity can be so much more than just the sports! Throw in activities such as creating a country, a uniform and team anthem and before you know it, you have a competition like no other. 

But, hands down one of the best activities we’ve found is a Haka workshop. Train as a team or split the senior managers from the employees so you have something to really scare each other with when back in the office!

Be at peace

Not something that always springs to mind when it comes to being around your colleagues, but perhaps this is your opportunity?

With spa facilities available at a range of venues across the country, spend some time really getting to know those you work with around the pool, in the sauna or with a magazine on a lounger.

Being able to relax around each other gives you the opportunity to really get to know who you spend eight hours a day with and, you never know, you might develop some great ideas in your zen state.

Plus, a hot stone massage on the company? You can’t lose!

Back to school

We all love learning something new but don’t always have the time to commit to evening classes.

Why not get the team together for cookery classes, wine making or even the latest craze; spy school? All useful skills in the workplace…

Unfortunately, there is no way around the content of your training, AGM or conference potentially being a little less interesting than you’d prefer, but that doesn’t mean your team building should be too!

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Emma Hall