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Happy #NationalPADay07 Oct 2014

Thousands of PA’s will be gathering today at Office* 2014, Olympia Stadium, London, to celebrate being an amazing PA!

Working with many PA’s we understand the monstrous workload, the pressures of finding last minute venues and the million and one other tasks a PA has to do.

As you know, meeting rooms within your office space are like gold dust- and that’s just for the office meetings! There are also board meetings, Executive Team away days and many other external meetings that require facilities, and of course PA’s will be asked to source the venue, usually at the last minute. It’s a tough life being an assistant and we, at Hospitality Guaranteed, understand the weight of finding the perfect venue.

So here are a few tricks of the trade our current clients find useful:

  • Know what location you are looking for- the more defined the better. If you are unsure, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack.
  • Consider what important factors the venue must have. For example, if you have delegates traveling internationally, do you need a venue close to an airport? If delegates are traveling by car, do you need a venue with free car parking and close to a certain motorway? This in turn will help you define a location.
  • Once you have the location it’s good to consider if you are looking for a city centre venue or something more on the outskirts. This can heavily impact your budget as city centre venues are generally more expensive.
  • Know what you budget is and be realistic. If you have a budget of £30 day delegate rate, then don’t look for a property in London city centre because getting a DDR for this price in that location is pretty impossible and unrealistic.
  • Negotiate added value to your bookings to save you money and give your delegates the best experience you can. If you don’t ask, you never get. Even something as little as upgraded refreshments can make the biggest difference.

If you would like any more advice and support from the HG team, feel free to speak with our conference team on 0844 8223227- they’ll be happy to help!

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Emma Hall