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Providing a One Stop Shop for your Corporate Events, Conference and Accommodation needs. By combining our dedicated teams experience with the latest technology we guarantee to save your company valuable time and money.

At Hospitality Guaranteed we pride ourselves in offering our customers intuitive and innovative solutions for Accommodation, Conference and Event management to support and drive cost savings and increase efficiency. We are unique in our approach as we offer customised bespoke online services and solutions for your needs as opposed to a one solution fits all. We understand our customers needs differ and we work with you to support you with the right level of service and solution.

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  • Could you save money on your conference and event spend?

    Could you save money on your conference and event spend? 

    Finding the right system to manage your conferences and events can be difficult, one system may have some of the benefits that you need, but not all. No one has the time to sift through various platforms and systems, to then find out it doesn’t fit all your requirements. Especially in a time where budgets are being reduced, clients are more demanding and we are used to having accurate data at your fingertips is essential. 

    To help save money on conference and event spend we’ve outlined a few of the features our clients tell us they benefit from most. Here we share more details on specific elements of our system that has helped our clients achieve significant savings on their conference and event spend. 

    System user Sam Edwards from Babcock recognised this financial saving saying: “Hospitality Guaranteed worked with us to set-up ConferenceStop a dedicated system to support conference and event management. Having appointed Hospitality Guaranteed as our provider to manage and book our conference and events we have achieved over a 15% saving on our spend.” 

    All in one dashboard

    HG One Stop system is a digitally supported system for conferences, accommodation and events that provides the latest technology all in one place, to help clients save time and reduce annual expenditure. Not only is the dashboard available 24/7, it provides live accurate data and provides users with every tool they require. 

    Sam was having issues with invoicing prior to using the HG One system, after speaking with our team of experts we quickly came up with a solution. 

    “We worked with the team at Hospitality Guaranteed to set-up our company structure for invoicing in-line with our requirements. This streamlined and resolved a lot of issues we had with the previous system that created a bottleneck, and heavy administration and confusion around invoicing. The service and system is proving to show great feedback from bookers across the company.” 

    Finding the right venue

    Trying to find the right venue to fit your criteria can be a timely exercise, our system can search 1000s of UK and European venues based on your key criteria using our innovative ‘map it’ tool. Meaning, those countless hours spent searching for the right venue can be solved within minutes. 

    Sam and his team have benefited from the experts at Hospitality Guaranteed who are specialists in the hospitality sector who negotiate on his behalf. 

    “The system supports the booking from the venue finding right through to invoicing. Having everything in once place, on one system has been vastly improved our efficiency.” 

    Automated reports

    A key benefit to the HG One system is our automated reports feature, Management Information can be broken down into specific details to enable you to review overall company spend, allocate departmental and individual budgets. This then gives vital information to assist negotiations for future rates and budget setting. 

    Accessing this data has allowed Sam to make informed decisions quickly and supported effective budgeting. 

    “I benefit from automated reports that I can access 24/7 that show the current spend, forecasted spend and cost savings made.”

     Experts on hand 

    What sets us apart is our experienced team, each one of our clients has a dedicated account manager, who will review your enquiry, hotel options, packages, costs, contracts, terms and conditions and will check that your invoice is accurate. 

    Our dedicated experts negotiate where possible, such as room upgrades, refreshments, parking, free Wi-Fi and other additional cost savings. Sam shares how this supports him: 

    “What we get from the system is second to none. We have used other platforms and find this is much more aligned to our needs. Having an account manager and the option to pick up the phone and speak to someone who understands our requirements creates a responsive service that ticks all the boxes for us.”

    “We would recommend Hospitality Guaranteed and have found the implementation of the service smooth and seen great benefits which we are continuing to build upon,” 

    HG One Stop is an online service designed to save time, money and confidence managing all aspects of your event, accommodation, conference and apprentice programme bookings in one easy to use system, it combines the latest online technology with a knowledgeable and experienced team.

    If you’re looking to reduce costs and save time, or if you have any questions about our system, get in touch with one of our expert team members here at Hospitality Guaranteed.

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    Ben Gash