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Providing a One Stop Shop for your Corporate Events, Conference and Accommodation needs. By combining our dedicated teams experience with the latest technology we guarantee to save your company valuable time and money.

At Hospitality Guaranteed we pride ourselves in offering our customers intuitive and innovative solutions for Accommodation, Conference and Event management to support and drive cost savings and increase efficiency. We are unique in our approach as we offer customised bespoke online services and solutions for your needs as opposed to a one solution fits all. We understand our customers needs differ and we work with you to support you with the right level of service and solution.

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  • 2019’s most advanced tech used in event planning!

    Technology has made the world such a small place; what was once the impossible, is now possible with the use of advanced technology now available so freely and is widely accessible to the many.

    Advanced technologies are providing event planners with solutions for saving time, reducing costs and increasing efficiency with ease. Many event tools have been around for quite some time, but with constant updates and the ability to integrate with new platforms the event industry has benefitted hugely from technology to not only please today’s customer demands, but their clients too.  

    Event planners can now view venues across the world without having to step on a plane or even leave their workplace, they can literally be in two places at once. Technology has re-shaped the event industry; in this blog we discuss the most advanced tech used in event planning in 2019!

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality has impacted the construction industry, as well as architecture, the healthcare industry and many more. One of the latest industries to benefit from VR is event planning, knowing what your event is going to look like is crucial and VR makes it so simple.

    To understand the venue, a site visit is required, but time, money and distance can be problematic. VR makes venues more accessible than ever before, allowing anyone in the world to view a venue anywhere across the globe, meaning more venues can be viewed saving a lot of time and budget.

    VR can also be great for tradeshows, demonstrating products that are too difficult to transport, or are too expensive.

    Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence opens a wide range of opportunities for the event industry. From automated customer service, which aims to save employees time, to face recognition for attendees, enabling AI to be able to authenticate attendees single-handedly. Another tool that will improve efficiency and time are chatbots, they are a great tool to provide information to your attendees and answer their questions and queries, improving customer service and efficiency without disturbing staff.

    Multi-Use Apps

    Mobile event apps have been around for a long time, but with technology advancing, mobile apps can now do so much more. Creating a mobile app for your event, ensures attendees can access information on the go, at a click of a button.

    Your own event mobile app can provide an array of information; the options are endless. Mobile apps can now integrate with AR and AI technology which will improve event communication, as well as make your event more memorable!

    Event Diagramming

    Event diagramming has become very popular; it is now even easier to envision your event in the venue. Event diagramming allows users to develop a mock-up of an event and turn it into a 3D diagram, all parties involved have access, improving communication and enables a more collaborative approach. Event planners receive dozens of special requests on the daily, and with the use of event diagramming they can easily arrange any special requirement and scenarios can be planned for if they were to happen. It’s extremely thorough, leaving nothing to chance.

    Trusting a machine, rather than a human can be daunting. But, if you’re ready to take the plunge, the above technologies are a great place to start to improve service, efficiency and save time.

    But even as technology advances, interaction with another human is what gives your event the personal touch. Hospitality Guaranteed appoints an event manager to provide the best possible product and service. HG One Stop is an online service designed to save time, money and confidence managing all aspects of your event, accommodation, conference and apprentice programme bookings in one easy to use system, it combines the latest online technology with a knowledgeable and experienced team.

    James Daley