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Providing a One Stop Shop for your Corporate Events, Conference and Accommodation needs. By combining our dedicated teams experience with the latest technology we guarantee to save your company valuable time and money.

At Hospitality Guaranteed we pride ourselves in offering our customers intuitive and innovative solutions for Accommodation, Conference and Event management to support and drive cost savings and increase efficiency. We are unique in our approach as we offer customised bespoke online services and solutions for your needs as opposed to a one solution fits all. We understand our customers needs differ and we work with you to support you with the right level of service and solution.

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  • Give the New Year a kick start!

    We know how the year can run away with you. All of a sudden it’s November, your diary is getting more and more full, the Christmas party has been put back (again) and with all these updates, you have no idea when you can brief your team.

     So, instead of exhausting yourself to fit everything in and missing the festive season, why not kickstart the year as you mean to go on?

     Begin with a party

    Sometimes, getting everyone together for a December bash can be nigh-on impossible. With family, friends and hobby commitments, it can be difficult to get the team together in one place without it being a Wednesday at 3pm.

    By moving your Christmas party to January, you’re starting the year on a high – keeping the festive spirit alive and maintaining that good mood on what could otherwise be a dreary and depressing season.

    We just hope no-one is doing Dry January…

    Set your goals

    The New Year is a perfect time to set goals both personally and professionally, so involve your firm!

    Holding a conference at the beginning of the year gives the whole team the opportunity to find out plans for the following 12 months, the progress of the Company and the challenges ahead.

    Kickstart the year with everyone on the same page, with the same goals.

    Build on what you have

    It’s easy to wait for Summer to hold your teambuilding day. But what about the ongoing conveyor belt of annual leave that begins in June and ends in September?

    Get your team motivated and start the year reconnecting, identifying your weaknesses and building into a stronger unit.

    Although maybe not advisable to go white water rafting or sailing in January, there are plenty of activities you can do together to get the team on track, set those targets and start smashing them!

    Consider cost efficiency

    As with most areas, budgets for the above are regularly reduced but this doesn’t make them any less vital.

    Rearranging the diary to feature your ‘Christmas’ party, annual conference or team building day in January can often mean reductions with venues and suppliers during this generally quiet period.

    To start planning your January event, get in touch today on 0344 822 3227 and we can help find a venue, source suppliers and kick start your year in style.

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    Emma Hall