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Providing a One Stop Shop for your Corporate Events, Conference and Accommodation needs. By combining our dedicated teams experience with the latest technology we guarantee to save your company valuable time and money.

At Hospitality Guaranteed we pride ourselves in offering our customers intuitive and innovative solutions for Accommodation, Conference and Event management to support and drive cost savings and increase efficiency. We are unique in our approach as we offer customised bespoke online services and solutions for your needs as opposed to a one solution fits all. We understand our customers needs differ and we work with you to support you with the right level of service and solution.

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  • Prepare for event success with the right tools for the task!

    In life things go wrong, nothing is always exactly as we plan it and as much as we try and foresee what will happen, it can often turn out differently. Never is this truer than when planning an event. It is live communication after all and as it involves people and various outside influences, even the most complex spreadsheet or planning document won’t tackle every possible eventuality.

    That said, considering every eventuality is a must. Take the time to plan how you envisage the day, decide what you want from it and prepare. Things that are out of your control are one thing, not considering it in the first place is something altogether different.

    Organisations need and host events for various reasons: from product launches, team building or information sharing. These events are very different, but they all have one common goal – they must work first time round and deliver. Put simply, you don’t get a second chance and great events don’t just happen; they take detailed planning, a network of expert suppliers and tried and tested methods.

    You should think of your event as a piece of live communication and treat it like any other marketing activity. Every day experienced individuals are asked to dilute their contribution to their actual professional role by organising the AGM, managing director’s meeting or even the staff Christmas party without any support. It’s not their area of expertise, so no wonder the results aren’t fully effective and successful. Executed correctly events can be extremely lucrative to an organisation on many levels.

    Using a specialist team of experts to work alongside your team provides a collaborative solution that utilises industry expertise and organisational knowledge.

    HG OneStop, is a digitally supported system for conferences, accommodation and events. Combining an on-line platform, individual service and long-term quality, and provide an all-encompassing service which creates a simpler, more informed booking process for their clients. 

    The benefits of HG OneStop include:

    Ø  FREE venue finding service

    Ø  Knowledgeable team helping clients save time and reduce annual expenditure

    Ø  The latest online technology for conference, accommodation and events, all in one place, available 24/7

    Ø  Rate negotiation and identifying added value extras on behalf of the client

    Ø  Flexible personal service, tailored to clients

    Ø  In-depth reporting dashboard to track objectives

    We love to hear our clients talk passionately about their businesses and products, you know your business and your audience and we know how to provide the tools to ensure your message is remembered long after your event has finished. Equally we love what we do and our experienced team works hard at being the best. Attending various trade shows, supplier updates, product launches and webinars to stay ahead of the industry and top of our game. In short, we are experts.

    An event should have clear objectives, it should offer a return to the organisation and these should be measurable. Experts offer added value in all areas of business and the same applies to your events.

    Doesn’t your event deserve to be great?

    James Daley